Company History

MYRZ is a newly established company with focusing in providing products & services to Energy & Water sector.

It started its business from providing management consultancy to the Gas State Owned Company, PT. PGN (Persero) Tbk. From there, MYRZ has gotten an engineering service project from PGN. It was a bending gas pipe assessment  to determine the age of the pipe. The information was required by PGN to determine the maintenance priority due to the budget constraint. Now we are actively in providing the engineering services also to many client.

Along the time, MYRZ has expanded its networks and in result, MYRZ has strengthened its consulting portfolios by providing many of consultant services such as Energy Efficiency Audit, Water & Waste Water Audit, Bio Waste Audit, Local content (“TKDN”) audit, ISO Consultancy, HSE Consultancy, Marketing Research. Along with our Green audit services (Energy Efficiency, Water & Waste Water & Bio Energy audit), we are also providing the training respectively. Few projects have been awarded in those areas.

Beside the consulting services, MYRZ starts to develop its trading business. We have been cooperating with few principles in Mining Software, Coating Services, Water Treatment Chemicals & Industrial Cleaning Services, Coating Services and Internet Services. The business is continue growing until we are now.

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PT. MYRZ Indonesia