Company History

MYRZ is an Indonesian growing company with focusing on trading & consulting services to Energy & Water sector.

It started its business from providing management consultancy to the Gas State Owned Company, PT. PGN (Persero) Tbk. From there, MYRZ has gotten an engineering service project from PGN. It was a bending gas pipe assessment to determine the age of the pipe. The information was required by PGN to determine the maintenance priority due to the budget constraint.

Through the time, MYRZ has expanded its products & services. Currently, we have represented various principles as their official business partner in Indonesia, while keep strengthening our consulting services.

Mining Software, Various Industrial Goods such as Water & Wastewater Specialty Chemicals, Stone Crusher, Sludge Treatment Machine, Waste Recycling Machine, Tire Protection Chain, Water Analysis Instrument are some of our products.

Mining Software Training, Local Content Audit & Training are some of our services.


Happy Selling,

PT. MYRZ Indonesia