A solution to high-resolution imagery & mapping and surveys in several sectors across the globe with a focus in Indonesia and Malaysia. Offering a complete look at your land or prospective land to equip you with the right information to make better decisions.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone equipped with high-precision Zenmuse L1 LiDAR sensor will be used to collect LiDAR data from approximately 100 m Above Grould Level (AGL) to collect data with vertical accuracy up to 5 cm and horizontal accuracy 10 cm.

In order to achieve this high accuracy, we will deploy local benchmark within the site.

The benchmarks will observe with GPS dual frequency geodetic referenced to Indonesia National Datum. LiDAR data will be processed further using DJI Terra Post Processing software.

Deliverables will include point clouds, Digital Surface Model, Digital Terrain Model and contour map with 1 meter interval.