Secure and Flexible Data Management System

Flexible, reliable and secure, MICROMINE’s Geobank software is the ideal data management solution
for the resource industry.

In a world where data management is crucial, investing in the appropriate geological software is essential to the successful future of an organization.

Most mining and exploration companies struggle to maintain the quality, integrity and usability of their essential data. Some of the problems with inaccurate data are visible, others unfortunately are not. Loss of data, poor accessibility and quality control issues can cost millions of dollars when inaccurate modelling and decision-making results.

The Geobank products have been designed and built to ensure that no matter how large your company is, how limited your IT capabilities or diverse your geological resource, we have the solution you need.

MICROMINE’s entire suite of Geobank products deliver the best of geological data management capabilities, no matter which environment you need it to operate within.