Our consultancy services can be varied from green audit, local content & master list as per PTK 007 series consultancy, management consultant, marketing research, engineering works, database software development and training.

The Green Audit consultancy will cover plant audit on energy efficiency, water & waste water treatment facilities & waste audit. It can be applied together or partially as per our client requirement.

The Local Content & Master List consultancy will serve our client who would like to prepare the calculation properly as per PTK 007 series guidance.

The Management consultancy will work on effective and efficiency productivity, organization behavior & development, cost management, feasibility study and other specific and customized concerns.

The Marketing Research can be consumer research, customized or industrial desk research).

The Engineering Works can be doing the FEED, ED or any other engineering works such as gas pipe inspection, etc.

The Data Base Software Development will be based on Ms. Acccess which can serve any data base such product availability database, vendor database, customer database, tender monitoring database, etc.

The Training program will be in role of supporting Energy area (O&G, Mining, Power Plant) such asGreen Training (Energy Efficiency, Water & Waste Water Treatment & Waste & Bioenergy). The energy efficiency (Energy Manager) training itself will be certified by AEMAS (Asean Energy Management Scheme); Commercial training (project financing, corporate budgeting, etc) & Formalities training. We are also providing PTK 007 series II training (O&G supply chain mechanism from basic awareness up to local content calculation);