Energy Manager Training

The supply of sustainable energy is becoming the global challenge to not only the policy makers but also to enterprises, particularly in the light of continuous increasing energy cost. In fact, the Vietnamese Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation, the ISO 50001 energy management system recently published prove that energy efficiency and conservation issue is a big concern to both the policy makers and enterprises.

As a business it is therefore important that you ask if your company deals with the following problems: If the answer is YES to just one or more of the questions above, it is the time for your business to get an energy manager, to be in charge of improving and managing the energy usage in the company.

Training personnel in energy management may initially be considered an economic burden but will in the future be an investment solution to bring about long-term financial benefits for the business through important savings in energy cost.

As importantly training certified energy manager will also help businesses to establish the energy management system, meet the Law on Energy Efficiency, and help them to comply with the international standard ISO 50001 energy management systems.

Energy Manager Training Course aims to introduce to businesses a sustainable energy management system and build the capacity of your energy manager in implementing a sustainable energy management system.

The objective of the course is to equip energy managers with the knowledge and skills to establish and implement a sustainable energy management system for businesses, to not only increase energy efficiency but also to significantly reduce energy cost.

The course is provided under the framework of ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS), which has been endorsed by the ten ASEAN Ministries of Energy. Successful participants will become an AEMAS Certified Energy Manager, which is recognized in the ten ASEAN member countries.

The course is designed for:

  • Future Energy Managers;
  • Facility/ Maintenance Managers or Engineers;
  • Member of corporate management team (HR manager, managing director, CFO, Chief Procurement Officer, factory manager, utilities manager, …);
  • Chief engineers


For the energy manager trainees:

  • Understand the context of energy use in Vietnam and the world as well as Vietnamese laws and regulations, which help businesses proactively prepare for the energy management and to comply with the law;
  • Ability to establish and implement a sustainable energy management system in the enterprise, in compliance with the ISO 50001 standard, and in preparation for Energy Management Gold Standard certification;
  • Improve professional standing with a certificate validated in 10 ASEAN countries;
  • Provide employment opportunities through a network of ASEAN Energy Management Scheme in ten ASEAN countries.

For businesses:

  • Establish energy management system to use energy in a systematical manner;
  • Save energy costs, become economically competitive;
  • Minimize energy losses, save money;
  • Develop a plan and target of energy efficiency, meet to requirement of the Law;
  • Ease the application of other quality systems like ISO 50001, TPM;
  • Achieve Energy Management Gold Standard certification Improve the businesses image as a sustainable and efficient business;
  • Increase the competitive position regionally and internationally, with a certification recognized in 10 ASEAN countries.


For the trainees:

Energy Manager Certification, granted by the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE) after successful completion of the training course.

For the business:

Energy Management Gold Standard certification, issued by the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE), when an enterprise submits an Implementation Plan indicating the energy efficiency improvement, prepared by a certified energy manager.