Green Audit

The green audit will compose of Energy Audit, Water & Waste Water Audit, Waste & Bio Energy Audit. All of those services may be purchased in one package or partially, it depends on our clients requirement.

Energy Audit

Initially, we will have to do the Walk Through Audit to our client’s plant. The objectives of the Walk Through Audit is to :

  • Identify areas of potential energy savings;
  • Make energy retrofit recommendations;
  • Develop a clear action plan, which prioritizes energy efficiency retrofits according to investment and payback period.

For each recommendation, our consultants will quantify the investment cost, savings, and payback period. The end goal of the Walk Through Audit is to reduce the operational costs of the client by optimizing its energy efficiency.

Energy efficient measures proposed to clients include replacing old equipment with new high efficiency equipment, installing add on technologies to increase the efficiency and performance of equipment, as well as making operational changes to cut costs with no investments required. Each suggested retrofit is customized to individual client’s needs and budgets.

The Detail Audit is to identify accurately the amounts of energy being consumed by equipment so that informed investment decisions can be made regarding the payback periods for equipment retrofits.  For each recommendation our consultant will quantify the investment cost, savings, and payback period. Detailed Audits provide an in-depth level of data collection and analysis which allows for extensive identification of potential energy savings and more exact financial evaluation and recommendations.The end goal of the Detailed Audit is to give decision makers detailed, clear and accurate data and analysis so that they can make strong financial decisions.

Water & Waste Water Audit

The objective of the Water & Waste Water Audit is to evaluate the operation & monitoring treatment procedure of Boiler Feed Water, Boiler Water, Steam & Boiler Waste Water to ensure that the procedure is developed correctly & done properly. This is really important to guarantee the sustainability of the electrical generator plant safely & efficiently.

The audit will focus on the control of set parameter to prohibit the corrosion & degradation rate on the water side & steam side surface.

Waste Audit

The waste audit will identify whether there is potential waste usage to convert it into energy (e.g : seeing any feasibility to use the palm oil waste to be used as energy raw material).

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