TKDN – Consulting

The Local Content & Master List consultancy services

MYRZ, with our experience consultants, is able to assist our clients who would like to know further on how the local content and/or master list are developed. We also could assist our clients in auditing the existing of the local content calculation and provide any corrective action on how the local content is developed.

Initially we will meet our clients to discuss what are the scope of works and we may come up with our pricing.


Roy was in charge in giving consultancy services to the potential investors respective to the investment by giving clear and accurate information for all technical aspect such as but not limited to machines specifications, production capacity, employment, legal, facilities. The information sources can be coming from government, public information, marketing information, site survey, audit & release a reports of realization of investment to industries, which at the end will propose Master List. Roy was also Local Content verifier with strong analytical skill to verify fabrication process and or manufacturing process in industry to get sufficient calculation data related to manufacturing/ fabrication cost to make a calculation of Local Content.

Roy has been working in such a dynamic consultant and in surveillance environment for more than 5 years and multinational Footwear Company for 5 years.

Specialties :

  • Indonesian government regulation such as duty exemption for importation, BTBMI, negative list regulation, investment, taxes and permission legalization in relation with Verifying and Consulting of Equipment and materials master list;
  • Local content regulation, certification process, both BP Migas regulation and Ministry of Industry;
  • Mold Maker, Machinist and manufacturing process expert.

Roy is our local content auditor as well as our trainer.